Managed Services For Legal Businesses

Managed Services For Legal Businesses

How do you support a busy and well-functioning law firm?

As a managed services provider, we have some thoughts on this subject. Legal work may not be as data-intensive as healthcare or as time sensitive as various types of quick service retail, but it still does rely quite a bit on having solid data governance models and accomplishing the same kinds of quick, efficient and precise communications that keep working relationships working well. We think about this when we put together packages for the top brass at a competitive law firm in any community.

Managed Services and Cybersecurity

Like other businesses, legal businesses need to safeguard their clients’ sensitive data as well as their own. Sensitive internal information can include lots of items that competitors could abuse, and data that hackers could use to compromise people’s bank accounts or networks.

At RCOR, we excel in creating this cybersecurity frameworks especially targeted to the legal field. That gives our clients a leg up in modern cybersecurity and compliance in their market.

The Importance of Cloud Services

It’s not hard to imagine the value of transparency and accessible data in the legal world. Whether it’s part of a deposition, a hearing, a docket record or a client letter or anything else, free-flowing data is key to getting results, both in the office and in the courtroom.

In fact, today’s professional lawyer is a lot more mobile than he or she was a decade or so ago. So the cloud systems that the law firm uses simply have to keep up. Law firms have to consider whether a private, public or hybrid cloud option is the best fit, and how that network will be set up and maintained.

Our managed services use proprietary models to create the desired state that’s going to work for a legal office long-term. Offices that don’t have this kind of IT firepower should get it in order to compete well now and in the future.

Managed Services and Growth

One of the key stress test of any managed services contract is whether it can scale along with your business.

This and other factors often depend on how well your vendor has researched your company and collaborated with you to create a system that’s optimized not just one that works a little bit. Talk to RCOR about your options and how to modernize in key ways, to meet the demands of the legal field over the coming years.