Doing The Work On Security And Compliance

Doing The Work On Security And Compliance

Our clients have seen how RCOR provides quick service in a budget-friendly manner for managed services and IT improvements that help drive business in today’s digital world.

However, what they’ve also seen is that by partnering with good IT services firms, they get a lot more, too – some of it in the form of key consulting that is given freely and helps them to fine-tune their business models to meet the demands of a changing business world and regulatory system.

The Threat of a Data Breach

We know that data breaches are expensive for business. The hard costs per individual record add up quickly to staggering amounts, and that’s not to mention other consequences in terms of business reputation, interruption of operations and more.

That’s part of the cybersecurity equation, but it’s not the whole picture. Managing a service architecture means understanding the risks for data breaches and other types of hacking and cyberattacks, and understanding the loopholes and vulnerabilities that leave a network exposed.

Compliance Efforts

There’s also the burden of compliance, which tends to hit companies particularly hard when in-house staff are not familiar with what’s happening in a given part of an  industry.

On the other hand, our technicians and people understand current regulatory standards, and we often advise clients as we go, on how to meet them and achieve the goals and objectives that protect their business.

That’s what really adds value when you’re working with an IT services company. Yes, we can provide emergency hardware. Yes, we can facilitate backups. But it’s often that offhand knowledge and partnership that gives the business an advantage in terms of having inside information on security and compliance.

In a sense, that’s why so many companies do things like hiring a virtual or part-time CISO. It’s because they understand what they’re facing, and know that they’re not quite up to the challenge internally. An effective way to fix that problem is to partner with a company that can provide that consultation as a matter of course as they work on your systems. That’s what has worked for so many of our clients.

When we talk about managed IT, we are talking about practical services. We’re talking about services that really support your core business – so that you and your teams can go about doing what you do best, with confidence. Anything less is just a stop-gap solution in a world where security and operations technology is always changing. Talk to us about putting together a working plan for your business.