Working Remotely

Working Remotely with OneDrive in 2022

Sharing documents and collaborating becomes harder when your team members are Working Remotely from home. However, there’s good news.
With Microsoft’s OneDrive, collaborating for work becomes a lot easier. OneDrive is the ultimate storage software for businesses with busy teams. It keeps your data safe and offers many additional features.

It backs up your documents, pictures, and folders automatically in the cloud and makes sharing documents and collaborations easy. Here are some key areas where OneDrive makes a difference:

Access All Your Files

If you’re saving your files on OneDrive, you can access them from wherever you are working and any device.

For instance, if your laptop stops working and your IT team gives you another laptop to work on, all you need to do is log in to your OneDrive account and access your files there.

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Accessing your files on OneDrive is easy. All you need to do is a browser to log in. If you’ve signed into your computer with a Microsoft account, you can access OneDrive through the file explorer.

The familiarity of working with OneDrive is its biggest asset, as it works the same as if you’re accessing files saved on your computer.

Share Files and Folders

You can save all your personal and work files on OneDrive, but there are also times when you need to share with your clients, colleagues, or suppliers.

In OneDrive, you can choose how to share your files. You can easily share files with people while Working Remotely, giving them read-only access, password-protect files, and so much more.

You can directly share a file with your team and even send a link to people outside your work. They will receive a notification via email.


Collaboration can truly begin once everyone can access all relevant project files. Thanks to OneDrive, you can forget all about the days of having multiple versions of a file as you can’t all be in at the same time.

OneDrive makes it easier to share and collaborate. You can easily see who is accessing and working on a document at any time.

The changes other people make will show up in different colors, so there will be no confusion on who is working on what file.

OneDrive’s powerful functions make it possible for your team to edit the same document in real-time and discuss changes over live chat.

If your business already has Microsoft 365, setting up OneDrive becomes very easy. Please get in touch with us today if you want to help your team and explore this service.