Managed Security Services

What’s Involved in Providing Managed Security Services

So your company is looking for managed security services? That’s no surprise to us. In many ways, the majority of companies are under pressure when it comes to comprehensive cybersecurity.

And many of them just don’t know where to turn. You’re not likely to have the kind of in-house IT department that focuses a laser-like level of detail on cybersecurity efforts.

Luckily for you, your company is living in the managed services age. Where it’s much easier for vendors to offer also sorts of services.

Including cybersecurity, through the Internet. The cloud and software as a service era has led to a lot of choice when it comes to managed services design.

Beyond the Perimeter

So what are you looking for from a vendor?

Well, first of all, with comprehensive managed cybersecurity services, you want services that go beyond the perimeter and get coordinated to protect every segment of your network.

That might mean monitoring tools that work on the principles of Bayesian logic or heuristics. It might mean identity and access management tools that work to lock down user permissions.

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It might even just mean creating stronger passwords, although the traditional alphanumeric passwords are on the way out now.

Managed cybersecurity services means that the vendor is going to tailor their solutions to your business and what it needs, according to the liabilities that it faces in daily operations.

Multifactor Authentication

When we talk about the evolution of security, part of what we’re talking about is multifactor authentication.

Most people now have smartphones in their pockets, and those devices can be used to authenticate people online in a new way. You can even put in place self-service password reset systems and more.

This is also something that’s important to talk about with a managed security services vendor.

A Matter of Trust

When it comes right down to it, on top of all of the technical services that these vendors provide. Managed services partners need to offer reliability and promote the client’s trust in them.

You can cite NIST standards all day, but in the end, having a unified and competent approach to cybersecurity takes more.

Companies that work with integrity can enjoy long-lasting contracts, and their customers can feel secure and confident about meeting the challenges of the cybersecurity compliance age.

Talk to RCOR Technologies for more about how this works. We offer ransomware and data breach protections and everything else that a company needs to protect its networks and servers.

We specialize in this, because we know how desperately it is needed in many parts of the business community. We’re here for you!