Key Industries

Three Key Industries That We Serve in 2022

At RCOR, managed services is our specialty. We help companies to manage IT and cybersecurity. With capable and sophisticated plans for Industries operations that are up to the challenges of today’s digital world.

Here are some of the key industries where clients depend on us to help them to keep an enterprise compliant with relevant standards, and ready for whatever comes their way.

Financial Business

In finance, data is an important asset. Managed services helps provide businesses with tools to maintain standards like Sarbanes-Oxley accounting processes, and protect PCI card data or other sensitive financial information that they hold for clients.

Depending on what area of finance you’re in – whether it’s a traditional investment business or something more geared toward new finance technology.

This aspect of managed services is important, and it’s a major way that we stay involved with our clients, designing systems that work to protect all stakeholders.

Legal Business

As in the world of finance, legal businesses also handle data. However, they may not have as much protected data in their systems as financial firms or some other Industries in related verticals.

However, they still need that level of data protection that our managed services plans include.

At the end of the day, though, the legal industry is serving clients in real time. So communications is ultimately important, and the way that data flows will have a huge impact on the law office.

That’s one reason why our managed services also provide for uptime and consistent reliable service. Law firms can’t afford to have their computers be down for any length of time.

Because they are working to solve problems for clients every hour of every day. So we provide that continuous uptime that’s needed for business in this field.

Healthcare and Related Fields

Nearly every managed services business talks about the challenge of healthcare Industries in meeting the broad-spectrum HIPAA standard that protects patient data.

That’s an incredibly important part of compliance, and a key pillar of our managed services, but we also have specialized services for medical businesses that are in their own area of modern medical practice.

For instance, dentist offices have their own needs when it comes to bookkeeping, communications and overall IT systems design. They’re working in a particular part of the medical field.

With its own insurance ramifications and aspects of customer service. So we work this into our service model as well.

Or what about the doctors who deal with our furry friends? Veterinarians need the same kinds of uptime-consistent services that other offices do.

The patient data may not be as rigorously protected, but the financial data does need to be carefully protected. As with any type of business.

This gives you sort of an introduction to the way that we work at RCOR. We offer comprehensive managed services with cybersecurity resources in place and operational capacities fully considered. Talk to us about modernizing for the future.