Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services – Five Key Components

At RCOR Technologies, we are dedicated to helping our clients to replicate the types of ideal services by Managed Security Services. they would get from an in-house IT team. Get all of the security capabilities and outcomes.

Without a lot of the costs and liabilities. From a firm that values its role in modern IT and invests in helping to safeguard clients from some of the biggest pitfalls out there in enterprise technology today. 

Here are some of the big components of managed cybersecurity services that help our clients to get peace of mind about threat responses. Data breaches, and active security incidents.


Maintaining antivirus software can be confusing and labor-intensive. There are a lot of products, and they all come with their own service level agreements and payment and subscription details. As a one-stop-shop for managed services, we take the headaches out of antivirus maintenance for you. 

Firewall Services

Even though perimeter security doesn’t always do it on its own, it’s ultimately important.

Our firewall services provide that secured gateway that keeps a lot of malware and black hat behavior from negatively affecting your network.

A good firewall filters out a lot of the potentially damaging traffic that could otherwise overwhelm your digital operations. 

Managed Security Services Updates and Versioning

There’s a reason that the best cybersecurity platforms provide attention to updates and software patches. 

Without this kind of active maintenance. You’re running the risk of opening vulnerabilities and loopholes through using obsolete versions of software tools and safeguards.

The manufacturers create the updates and patches and push them to users. But unless they get implemented on the ground, they’re not doing their job. We also provide comprehensive update management for clients.


Here’s where clients ask questions about anything from a natural disaster to a data breach. What if something happens to my data?

Effective backup services create redundant and fault-tolerant systems that mean you’ll have immediate access to restoring data if something bad happens in real-time.

These are state-of-the-art solutions for business that you need in your corner if you are utilizing real-time data sets to provide services or do other operations.

PCI (or Other Standard) Compliance

If you’re dealing with customers’ financial data you’ll need to pay attention to complying with federal standards and rules on PCI data.

We make this happen, as well. Our attention to modern standards solves problems for our clients.

And it’s another significant part of how our managed security services work for you. Check out everything that we offer on our web site to keep your business secure.