How to leverage Microsoft Teams

How to leverage Microsoft Teams to increase Productivity in 2022

.Let us learn How to leverage Microsoft Teams. Although initially released in 2017, Microsoft Teams emerged as a truly essential application for businesses when our “normal” processes were put to a halt by COVID-19.

At a time when communication as we knew it was disrupted. Microsoft Teams proved itself to be a valuable collaborative tool.

It allows its users to maximize productivity by providing them with a platform to discuss ideas. To leverage Microsoft Teams. Hold meetings, and share notes and files with their coworkers. Ensuring that communication does not stop.

In this article, we go over 10 tips that can help you make the most out of this application. And leverage it to increase productivity in your business.

Familiarize Employees with Teams

Although Microsoft Teams has an intuitive design and fairly straightforward features. Making sure all your employees are on the same page and feel confident and comfortable.

This application can help your organization make the best out of its use. Technology can seem intimidating and overwhelming if you don’t understand it. And not everyone is equally well-versed on their own.

A training or seminar familiarizing your employees with key features. And processes can enhance their experience, and result in increased productivity.

Customize Microsoft Teams to Mitigate Distractions

Any new application takes time for its users to get used to operating. But Microsoft Teams helps with that as it allows for its users to adjust their application to mitigate distractions and notifications.

When first starting to use Teams. It can be a smart idea to adjust notification settings so you only receive notifications for immediate updates. 

Integrate Bots and Apps to Enrich your Teams Experience

Additional apps and bots can be integrated into your Teams app to enrich your experience overall. And also boost work productivity.

An example could be Work bot. Which allows users to use other apps without having to exit Teams. As we know, most work tasks involve us going back and forth between different documents to leverage Microsoft Teams.

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Spreadsheets, or websites, and so a tool like Work bot. Comes in very handy in reducing the time spent hopping. And switching between different pages.

Stay Updated with the Activity Log

The Activity Log helps you stay informed of all that’s important. Microsoft Teams sends out notifications for @mentions, comments. Replies, and likes, in conversations you are part of.

Collaborate on Office 365 Files with Coworkers

Being able to work in real-time with your coworkers on the go. Or from the comfort of your home has really changed the way we perceive productivity.

It is not necessary for your coworkers to be in the same room with you for you to collaborate anymore.

Microsoft Teams makes use of the collaboration capabilities in Office 365. To allow users to upload files within chats that are saved to Share point.

Allowing members of the chat to access the latest file version and discuss and edit the document in real-time. Increasing efficiency and productivity.

Create Channels and Subchannels within Teams

Instead of creating new teams for each project. Think about creating new channels and subchannels within the main team.

This helps with productivity as you reduce clutter in the form of unnecessary notifications that can become overwhelming and confusing.

Having your digital workspace organized helps team members be notified only about things that concern them. And allows for more focused work.

Set Favorite Channels

Taking decluttering to the next level. Microsoft Teams allows you to set the most relevant channels to your work as Favorites. Ensuring information reaches you in the order of priority.

This ensures you stay on top of your work and responsibilities. Saves time, and allows for more efficient business processes.

Make Use of OneNote

OneNote is another tool that can be integrated within Microsoft Teams. To enrich user experience and boost productivity.

OneNote allows users to take notes during meetings. Which they can then share with the rest of their team members. These notes can be saved within the channel. And can be accessed anytime by all team members.

Record Meetings for more Effective Communication

Most employees will be involved in multiple meetings or discussions in a day, and while note-taking and meeting minutes help.

Looking up specific information can be a tedious and time-consuming task. This measure helps prevent confusion and misinterpretation of information. And enables more effective communication between team members.

Encourage Employees to Use Teams Communication as an Extension of In-person Communication

One of the sharpest changes the world experienced in the pandemic was our shift from in-person communication to virtual communication.

Not being able to communicate face to face. Certainly takes away the human aspect of business processes which otherwise enrich them.

Learning to be expressive through the use of emojis and stickers. And even memes. Allows virtual communication to feel less detached from human connection.

While being professional is always important and should not be compromised on. Employees are allowed to express their personalities in a non-disruptive manner to the workflow.

This can make work-life less isolating and stressful. And actually increase productivity as team morale increases.

Keeping these 10 tips in mind. Your organization can boost your team’s productivity. And achieve better business results with more efficient processes.

There are a multitude of resources available online to help users with understanding. How to use Microsoft Teams. And the application’s intuitive design helps it be more user-friendly as well.

Additional steps can be taken with the help of an IT service provider like RCOR. To increase productivity even more. Depending on your organization’s requirements and business needs.