Learn Microsoft Word's Hidden Productivity Gems

Learn Microsoft Word’s Hidden Productivity Gems

Many times, you don’t need to look far to find efficiency improvements. They can be hidden in the office tools like Microsoft Word’s that you use every day.

Users often only scratch the surface of the platforms they’re using, not realizing they have so much more to offer when it comes to time savings and efficiency.

For RCOR, providing great IT solutions is not only about ensuring the technology you use is working effectively and is secure, it’s also about helping you improve productivity using digital solutions that can save you money while increasing output.

One program that packs a lot of productivity punch is Microsoft Word. It’s part of the Microsoft 365 productivity suite and one of the most used applications in the world. 

There are approximately 600,000 companies using Microsoft 365 in the U.S. alone.

If you’re looking for ways to make your workflow more efficient and get more out of your subscription, here are of some of the best productivity gems hidden inside Microsoft Word.

LinkedIn-Powered Resume Assistant

Hidden on the Review menu pane in Word is a tool called Resume Assistant. It’s powered by LinkedIn, but you don’t need a LinkedIn account to use it. It’s helpful whether you’re updating your resume or in an HR department trying to write a job ad.

With Word open, go to the Review menu and click on the Resume Assistant icon. This will open up a pane and allow you to enter a job position that you want to look up, like “project manager.”

The pane will then fill in with information pulled from LinkedIn, which includes:

  • User profiles with that title
  • Top skills for that job title
  • Helpful LinkedIn articles
  • Suggested job listings for that job role

Free Stock Photo Gallery

If the clip art in Word about 10 years ago kept you from ever trying it again, you’re in for a big surprise. Earlier this year, Microsoft added thousands of free stock photos, video, icons, and fonts to the platform.

The stock images are a long way from the clipart of old and look as professional as the ones you’d purchase. Additionally, you can find cutouts of people in various positions that can be used in presentations and documents to add visual interest. 

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This tip can save you quite a bit of money if you’ve been purchasing images for your marketing brochures or other content. You can find them by going to Insert > Pictures and choosing Stock Images from the dropdown. 

Get Editing Help from Editor

Editor is a fairly new feature in Word. It’s on the Home menu, to the far right, and it can help you make your documents more concise and easier to read.

Along with the usual grammar and spelling corrections, you’ll receive refinement suggestions related to:

  • Clarity
  • Conciseness
  • Formality
  • Punctuation Conventions
  • Vocabulary

Proof Reading with Read Aloud

Everyone knows that it’s hard to proof your own work because you already know what a sentence is supposed to say. 

You can get help by hearing what your words sound like rather than just reading them. This can help you catch grammatical errors as well as hone the precision of a speech or oral presentation.

Just highlight the text you want to have read back to you, then go to the Review menu and click Real Aloud. (Make sure your sound is turned up.)

Edit Photos Inside Word

Did you ever have a photo in a Word document that you wished you could edit? Maybe you wanted to change the color to match other document elements. Or you might have wanted to add some styling to make a photograph seem more like a painting.

Word has a wide variety of photo editing capabilities that you can do right inside your document.

Just double click on the image to open the Picture Format menu. You can choose from multiple color or artistic effects.

Insert a Link Much Faster

This is a little-known keyboard shortcut that can save you a lot of time if you regularly add hyperlinks to your documents. Instead of having to go through the right-click process or using the finder, try this.

Highlight the text or image you want to hyperlink and press: Ctrl + K. This opens the hyperlink window and you can paste your link inside. 

Save Time by Changing the Default Paste Option

Do you always use the Paste Special option to remove formatting from things you’re pasting into Word? If so, you can save time by making that the default, so all you have to do is click paste or use the Ctrl + V paste shortcut.

On the Home menu, click the drop down under Paste and choose Set Default Paste. This will open the Word options and let you make “Keep text only” your default paste.

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