How to Use Microsoft Teams to Increase Productivity

How to Leverage Microsoft Teams to Increase Productivity?

Are you thinking of how to work with team members while working from home? The COVID-19 lockdown has created a new norm. Businesses are now moving to a work-from-home model. In regards to this, many organizations are working towards finding how to leverage Microsoft Teams to increase productivity.

Microsoft Teams was initially released in 2017. The application became a necessity after communication was put to a halt in 2020. Microsoft Teams proved valuable for communication after 2020. The app allows users to maximize productivity by:

  • Discussing ideas
  • Holding meetings
  • Sharing files and notes with other team members

In this article, we go over ten tips to help you make the most out of Microsoft Teams. Stay with us to find out more.

Introduce Employees to Teams

Microsoft Teams comes with simple features and designs. However, you should still introduce your team to the app. Technology can seem scary if you don’t understand it. You should host a training session to introduce your employees to the app. The training session should look at the role of Teams in improving output.

Simplify Microsoft Teams to Kill Wastes

Your employees will need time to adjust to a new application. Microsoft Teams helps with the change process by allowing employees to adjust with time. When first starting to use Teams, it can be a smart idea to change notification settings. Doing so would mean that you only receive alerts for instant updates.

You can also introduce new custom options to enjoy a unique experience. The simple design can be further simplified through small custom steps.

Add Bots and Apps to Improve Your Teams Experience

All users can add plug-ins and bots to their Teams app to improve their work experience and boost productivity. An example could be Workbot, which can be used together with Teams.

As we know, most work tasks require us to go back and forth between different documents, spreadsheets, or websites. A tool like Workbot is good for reducing the time spent switching between other pages. Workbot helps with multi-tasking.

Stay Updated with the Activity Log

The Activity Log helps you stay informed. Microsoft Teams sends notifications for @mentions, comments, replies, and likes, in conversations. You can keep a check on notifications through the Activity log.

Work Together with Office 365 to Share Files with Coworkers

Working in real-time with coworkers has become a lot easier. Your coworkers don’t need to be in the same room as you to work together anymore.

Microsoft Teams works with Office 365 to allow the sharing of files. Users get to upload files on SharePoint and then discuss views on them. Users can discuss and edit the documents in real-time to improve output.

Create Channels and Subchannels within Teams

Instead of creating new teams for each project, you should create new channels and subchannels. Creating subchannels helps improve output as you reduce unnecessary notifications and alerts. Organizing your digital workspace helps team members to work on things that concern them. Doing so will eventually increase output.

Set Favorite Channels

Microsoft Teams allows you to mark the most relevant channels as Favorites. Marking channels ensures you stay on top of your work and responsibilities. The process can also save time and lead to better processes.

Make Use of OneNote

OneNote is another tool that can be used within Microsoft Teams to improve your experience. OneNote allows users to take notes during meetings, which they can then share with others. These notes can be saved within the channel and accessed anytime by all team members.

Record Meetings for more Effective Communication

Most employees will be involved in multiple meetings or discussions in a day. While notes and meeting minutes help, looking up information can be tough.

Microsoft Teams can help you record and save meetings for later. This measure helps prevent confusion and enables more effective communication between team members. Team members can refer back to the information whenever they want.

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