5 Ways that Customizing Cloud Solutions Can Save You Money

Cloud services have definitely proven their importance during the pandemic as many companies have had to largely adjust to a remote workforce. Customizing Cloud Solutions became very necessary.


Reliance on the cloud completely to run business processes has also brought some new realizations. Not every company’s workflow is the same.


So organizations using cloud solutions “out of the box” are often left having to change some of what they do to match the capabilities of the application.


5 Ways that Customizing Cloud Solutions Can Save You Money


This has been even more prevalent as employees have had to work offsite from home, and businesses work to fill the gaps left by being physically distanced from their onsite technology.

Have you ever struggled trying to fit your workflow to a cloud platform? 

The answer is to take a different approach and customizing cloud solutions to match the workflow needs of your North Carolina business. 

56% of CEOs say that digital improvements have increased their revenue.

If you think of the cloud apps that you subscribe to as building blocks that can be put together in several different ways, it opens up more possibilities and cost saving opportunities.  

Areas to Focus on When Customizing Your Cloud Apps

A simple customization to a cloud platform like Microsoft 365 (recently renamed from Office 365) can cut hours off your business process time and reduce costs for administering security policies.

Working with an IT pro, like RCOR, to tailor the cloud applications you use to match your business processes and improve upon them can make a big difference in your bottom line.

Here are some of the key areas to focus on when approaching cloud customization.

Eliminating Redundant Applications

The average small business uses 102 different cloud applications on a regular basis. Often, what happens is that a business needs a new capability.

So instead of exploring if it’s possible to add on to an existing app, they subscribe to a new one. By looking at customizing your cloud platforms.

You can uncover new capabilities that you didn’t realize were there and streamline your use of the cloud to eliminate additional subscriptions that you didn’t really need in the first place.

Automating Business Processes

How much time are your employees spending on manual processes? This could be rekeying data from one app into another or sending follow ups to team members about a project.

Customizing your cloud applications by adding automations that can be used between integrated solutions can reduce manual tasks and improve productivity. 

Approximately 40% of workers spend at least 25% of their week on repetitive tasks. Automating these saves time and money. 

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A few custom automations that can make a big difference include:

  • Moving data from one program to another when an event occurs (like a new web order being automatically populated into your accounting system).
  • Automating alerts and follow ups for your sales team based upon incoming customer/lead messages.
  • Connecting cloud platforms with programs like Teams or Slack to bring communications and follow up into one platform, rather than having trails spread over several.

Improving Data Security 

There are certain features in some cloud platforms that are designed to automate data security procedures. This reduces the risk of a costly data breach and makes compliance activities more streamlined.

One example is sensitivity labels in Microsoft 365. Customizing your platform to use these allows content to be tagged automatically.

As it’s created for a specific set of security policies to be applied. (i.e. Anything that contains a customer credit card number being encrypted and watermarked).

Many platforms have these types of data security customizations, but not usually “out of the box.” They have to be set up and tailored as a customization.

Reducing Administrative Time

Cloud applications that control other apps can save your IT admin team a lot of time and improve your user experience.

For example, an application like Microsoft Cloud App Security can allow you team to monitor app usage from one place. Rather than having to go into each app individually.

Single sign-on applications can reduce the time. It takes your employees to go from app to app in their daily workflow.

They give users a single authentication scheme to sign in, which covers multiple cloud apps. So they don’t have to sign in separately to several per day.

Improving Your Marketing & Sales

Customizations in your CRM and marketing platforms can be like adding another marketing team member that’s completely automated.

For example, setting up custom tags for customer type in your CRM program. Can then be translated to an email lead nurturing campaign that sends tailored emails to each specific customer type.

80% of customers are more likely to buy a product or service from a company that provides a personalized experience.

You can get much more granular in your lead and customer follow up activities and send personalized information based upon an action someone has taken in a previous email (clicked a link, visited a webpage, etc.). 

Create the Ultimate Cloud Experience for Your Business

RCOR can help your company create the ultimate cloud experience through app customization to lower costs and increase your capabilities.

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