3 Out of 4 Businesses Can Be Hacked Today (How to Protect Yourself!)

3 Out of 4 Businesses Can Be Hacked Today – How to Protect Yourself

Unfortunately, just as technology is getting easier for everyone to use, hacking has also become easier for the novice criminal. Businesses can be Hacked also.

With the use of things like exploit kits (i.e. “hacks in a box”). Even inexperienced criminals can hack into a company in about 30 minutes.

A study by Positive Technologies found that these unskilled hackers can breach 3 out of 4 companies.

Additionally, it was found through penetration testing that 93% of companies have weaknesses that allow a breach of their network.

Often, vulnerabilities go undetected until a breach occurs, because many North Carolina businesses don’t ever have anyone test their defenses.

While they may put IT security in place, if they don’t have it tested regularly, it’s easy for a weakness to slip through the cracks and leave a side door open for a hacker.

This type of defense testing of a network is called “penetration testing” and it’s vital to have it performed from time to time to ensure your cybersecurity defenses are as strong as you think.

What is Penetration Testing?

In penetration testing, a legitimate IT company puts on the “hacker” hat and tries to breach a network based upon the tactics that criminals undertake. 

The goal is to try to find any vulnerabilities from the hacker’s point of view that may allow them to get past security and infiltrate a network.

There are two types of penetration testing that are done.

External Penetration Testing

This is done from outside your network. The tester simulates being a hacker that does not have access to your network in any way, and they try to break in by bypassing your network security.

Internal Penetration Testing

This is done from inside your network to simulate an attack that could come from breached login credentials or a rogue employee.

It finds weaknesses in things like user permissions and uncovers how much damage could be done from the inside of your network.

A majority of companies doing penetration testing do both internal and external, because it ensures they’re covered for just about every type of potential attack.

Why It’s Important to Have Penetration Testing Performed

Penetration testing approaches cybersecurity in a different way than only doing an assessment of the protections you’ve put into place.

The goal is to breach your network in the same way a hacker would, which can reveal vulnerabilities that may not be found any other way.

It’s important to have penetration testing done to ensure your IT security strategy is going to protect your network from a breach or data compromise. Whether it comes from outside or inside a network.

Penetration testing can benefit any industry and is also very helpful when it comes to data privacy compliance and HIPAA compliance requirements.

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Risk assessment is an important part of any business continuity strategy and not knowing your cybersecurity risk can be costly.

The average cost of a data breach to a company is $3.86 million.

Networks have become more complicated with many employees now working from home at least part time.

According to the Cost of a Data Breach Report 2020 by IBM. Remote work can impact the cost of a breach by $137,000.

Penetration testing allows a company to see – from the point of a hacker. Just how effective their network protections are, so they can seal up any potential vulnerabilities before a real hacker can exploit them. 

What Are the Benefits of Penetration Testing?

There are several benefits to businesses of all sizes by doing penetration testing regularly for their IT infrastructure.

Knowing Which Security Solutions to Choose

Penetration testing reveals which security solutions a company should choose based upon potential attacks. For example, they may be concentrating on a different area of their security.

Such as external firewall security. Not realizing that a hacker could easily breach their network from the inside with a stolen password.

Improves Compliance

Most companies need to comply with data security regulations, either industry or government based.

Penetration testing shows a good faith effort to keep your network secure and it gives you the insights you need to focus your security efforts.

Lowers Security Costs

Penetration testing is proactive, which allows companies to lower security costs. It’s less expensive to prepare for and mitigate an attack than to have to pay for emergency. IT security services after one has already happened 

Enhances Company Reputation

You can note to your clients that you do penetration testing as a safeguard that may be a step more than your competitors do to protect their information. This can enhance your company reputation for safety and information security.

Helps You Budget & Prioritize Cybersecurity

There are many different areas of IT security that companies need to address. Penetration testing can help you prioritize your cybersecurity budget, so you’re addressing the most important areas first.

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